Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 2001 - The Evidence of Explosions Is Undeniable!

WTC 1 & 2 experienced massive explosions in the sub-basements, as the base of the core columns were weakened, at least 8 seconds before explosions to the upper part of the buildings, focused our attention. In deed, angled cuts were left by the shaped charges on the core columns of all three buildings, including WTC 7, indicating demolition pre-weakening. After the sub-basement explosions, the building was brought down, top down, in waves of explosions. A slow-motion review of the North Tower collapse shows that the antenna falls 1/2 a second before the rest of the building falls, evidence of core failure, and there is smoke on the roof from initial explosions. The top 20 floors are reduced to 2/3 their height, before the demolition wave starts traveling down the building. We see new flames at the start of the explosions and the top is pulverized, disappearing in a cloud of debri, providing no pile driver, for the collapse of the rest of the building. As the building falls, a demolition wave with extreme heat ensues, as multiple independent explosions blow the mass of the building outside the building's footprint. In deed, there were no cracks or evidence of buckling in the warped steel core columns found; rather, oddly reformed steel.

The Twin Towers were FORCED to come down through their path of greatest resistance; through the 41 steel core columns, which were designed and constructed with a 20 to 1 ratio of strength. Even though the Twin Towers were overbuilt, they fell faster than free fall speed. Faster than if you had dropped a bowling ball or a penny from the top of each building, with no resistance to them as they fell through the air, on their way down to hit the ground. In deed, each tower fell in LESS then 10 seconds. With this, we are expected to believe that 41 steel core columns, bolted and welded down, the trunk of the towers, designed to withstand multiple airliners hitting it at multiple locations (this is a fact!), individually ejected, even piercing surrounding buildings, giving way to a complete collapse. This is evidence of an explosive collapse, not a gravitational collapse. And in fact, the compound force of all of the explosions was soo tremendous, and the extreme heat soo great, a crater was generated at the base. In deed, over an acre of concrete flooring was turned into toxic dust, and the hardest materials (i.e. windows, glass, structural steel, gypsum, marble) were vaporized, yet surprisingly, a passport was found on a neighboring building's rooftop, over a year later...Please!

There were explosions throughout the buildings, causing molten lava to flow for 3 to 4 weeks after all three buildings fell. Traces of thermite and thermate, were found in the molten lava of all three buildings, even though WTC Bldg #7 fell around 5:30pm; some 7 hours after WTC 1 & 2 fell. Police officers and the fire chief started giving orders around Noon/1pm, that people distance themselves from WTC 7, because it was due to experience explosions.... Over one hundred people from FEMA had arrived the day before to participate in a "drill" on 9-11. Giuliani went on tv and talked about the buildings coming down 10 minutes before the first. George W. Bush, when asked about the first plane hitting the twin tower, while at the elementary school, said he'd seen the plane hit the tower, and had thought it was an accident. The only problem is, the video hadn't been released to the public yet. Either he saw the planes hit the towers in private (CIA tv?), before the video feed was released to the public, or no planes hit the buildings, and he began the narrative, the myth of 9-11... the narrative, the myth of hijacked planes taken over by Middle Eastern terrorists. Then it was Fox News that said, hours after "the planes hit", they were 99% sure Al Qaida was responsible for this. And after 3 days, they knew the names of the "19 terrorists", even though none were on the flight manifests and some are still alive.

The Shock-and-Awe we were fed, were explosions and visual deception, and a strong case can be made, that no airplanes hit the Twin Towers. A review of the live news feed of the planes hitting the towers, will show that it sharply differs from the replay shown in the evening. In one case, one of the airplanes goes straight through the building, partially exiting on the other side, and is then backed up back into the building. Futhermore, where was NORAD? There was an abscence of aerial defense, for over an hour. But were there airline airplanes to intercept?

I am more convinced now, especially after the explosions in London and Madrid, and the acts of aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, that the "terrorist" attacks that took place September 11, 2001, were a coordinated
international intelligence operation, involving the Bush administration (Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz), the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA and British Intelligence. The list involves the New World Order/One World Government cartel, the true terrorists. And in order for this to have been pulled off, news directors and airline personnel, had to of been involved; David Rockefeller counts on this very thing, as he's famously quoted. The CIA has been doing this for years through Operation Mockingbird, and it's control of the media. It worries me deeply that US Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), at a Town Hall meeting February 21, 2008, said, when questioned by a 9-11 truth seeker in the audience, that he sat in on the Intelligence Committee, and does not share the sentiment that this was an inside job. I'm reminded that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are two factions of the same party.

Regarding the other airplanes, it is absolutely inconceivable that an airliner crashed into the Pentagon, but we are to believe that wings hit the Pentagon, although no impression was left on the walls, leaving every single tall light post in it's way, untouched. In deed, that area of the Pentagon had been under recent construction, and the construction equipment left in front of that section of the Pentagon, was completely intact even after the "plane" hit, yet we are to believe that the entire airplane dissolved on impact, taking the massive wings and engines with it. While, conveniently, a passport was found later...Please! There is no evidence of airplane wreckage, for a plane of that size. In fact, the initial evidence was a 16 foot hole in the Pentagon with no roofline damage. However, 33 minutes after initial impact, explosions were heard, followed by the collapsed of that section of the Pentagon. The only video released 4 years after the attack, shows conclusively that a missile is traveling parallel to the ground, towards the Pentagon. There is no plane coming down from the sky.

Furthermore, the scar on the ground, caused by the airline we're to believe went down in Pennsylvania, looks nothing like an airliner crash, but rather, like a missile hit the ground. Again, like with the Pentagon, there is no evidence of airline wings or engines and we're expected to believe that the entire airplane dissolved on impact.

We need to rationally deal with all of this physical evidence and demand an independent investigation with subpoena power, for we all know what we saw... but need to know what really happened... And while the questions are numerous, ominous and concerning, we must lean into our fear and move forward together.

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